buyer’s agents, property investment advisors, and property analysis in one place…

More than “A Buyer’s Agency”, our strategic research focuses on generating wealth, income for life, and creating future security. 

Stepping Stone is way more than your average buyer’s agent – We consider ourselves partners to our clients future, laying the foundation to support their life goals through comprehensive property investment strategies, in depth consultation, and of course stunning support.


Whether you’re just starting out, need advice re-starting, or already on your way with a growing portfolio, Stepping Stone can help. We work closely with each client bringing fresh perspective, a distinctive point of view, and many years of experience to each portfolio – not to mention our ridiculous LOVE for what we do and our passion for seeing clients succeed.

Investment Grade, Research Focused Property Advisors

If you’ve seen our research, you know that we locate and buy outstanding investment property, and that our attention to detail is second to none.

We help you strategise, plan, purchase your property investment to grow your wealth one property at a time. We believe buying the right next property is going to give your portfolio the highest chance of success, so rather than just helping to develop a plan, or a strategy, or arranging finance, we work with you over time to help shape your portfolio as your wealth grows.

From listening to your concerns, understanding your current position, to the financial problems you wish to solve, and the wealth you wish to create, our property investment plan process is a complete guide for your future wealth, financial security, and prosperity.

Our property investment planning service brings your dreams, goals, and real life to your potential to build wealth.

A Suite of Property Services All In One Place

While we’re known for our investment plans and property research…

We also offer a combination of comprehensive property consulting, finance broking, SMSF services proven to get you the results you want and deserve. Partnering with Stepping Stone means your portfolio always maintains a consistent strategy, growth and income profile – and that you can rest easy knowing every investment is done to plan and creates the right future outcomes – every time.

The big list of our property services:

  • Strategic Portfolio Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Structuring
  • Buyer’s Advocacy
  • Mortgage/Debt Strategy
  • SMSF Setup
  • SMSF Book Keeping
  • SMSF Finance
  • Property Research
  • Property Education

Ready to Get Started?

Our clients don’t settle for just any property – for merely a house in the next street, they demand the best: an extraordinary investment, a portfolio that works when you’re not working, and a property partner who has your back covered, no matter what.


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